We are a multidisciplinary creative studio
in upstate New York.

Our philosophy: narrative is a powerful tool. Storytelling creates genuine connections between agencies and clients, artists and audiences, companies and customers—and those connections yield real results. We harness the power of innovative media to bring both substance and style to your story. We like to call it “media for humans.”

We recognize how important it is to create a connection with our clients, as well. That’s why we aim to revolutionize the client experience by providing complete transparency. Each step of the way, from brainstorming to delivery, you’ll know exactly what we’re up to.


  • Visual identity development
  • Logo development and design
  • Graphic design and illustration
  • Print design and layout
  • Product and packaging design
  • Web design and development
  • Copywriting and content editing
  • Photography
  • Video and motion graphics


  • Consultation
  • Our consultation gives you a chance to better understand what we do, and more importantly, it gives us a chance to better understand you. What are your goals? How can we help you achieve them? Let’s have coffee or tea and get the conversation rolling.
  • Roadmap
  • After we meet with you, we’ll do a little cartography, plotting out all the steps necessary to reach your goals. X marks the spot for buried treasure—your completed project!
  • Agreement
  • If you’re down with our plan, we’ll sign an agreement and get started. We like to keep all of the details in writing. That way, if we hit any obstacles, we can move forward as a team.
  • Research
  • No, not like the boring research you did in school—this research is fun! We’ll use questionnaires and inspiration boards to gather all the necessary details about your project.
  • Creative Magic
  • We can’t reveal all the ingredients to our secret recipes, but we will keep you filled in through your client access page. Get ready to watch as your project unfolds.
  • Revisions
  • Your input helps us create the best possible product, and that’s our goal. We welcome questions and constructive criticism throughout the process, and we always build in time for revisions after every big step.
  • Delivery
  • We use fancy Internet tools like Dropbox to deliver files, we always meet deadlines, and we can customize your project file in any way you need it. We’re not kidding—need a GIF of yourself eating a sandwich? We’re game.
  • Feedback
  • After the project wraps, we’d love you to submit feedback. Tell us what we did right and what we can do better the next time we collaborate.


This agency is run by two extremely caffeinated creatives, Alecia Eberhardt and Tom Smith. We live and work in Saugerties, New York, between the Catskills and the Hudson River. We’re continuously inspired by the natural beauty and the buzzing creativity that surround us.